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"If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed!
" John Whitmore - Coaching for Performance

Pelorus International Pty Ltd, a Melbourne based Sales and Management Consulting group, are Subject Matter Experts in Sales Effectiveness and Performance Improvement - enabling our clients through a "customer-centric" approach to achieve Trusted Advisor status, and profitable sales growth.

Our 'customer-centric' approach focuses on the strategic key areas which drive organisational change toward Sales Performance Improvement.



As recognized 'thought leaders' in sales and management effectiveness, with unique depth of knowledge in globally proven sales methodologies, Pelorus International and the Metta Group assists its clients in the effective delivery, implementation and execution of 'best practice' in process, skills and knowledge. We help move our clients' business from 'current' state performance, to an achievable 'future' state of profitable sales growth.

Process  - Implement the right processes to drive revenue growth

Organisational Structure -  Becoming 'customer-centric'

People – Have the people with the skills and knowledge to execute the processes and motivated to do so

Tools and Technology – Proactively used to support and accelerate effective execution


We help companies become more ideal for their chosen customer set and improve their
Sales Perfomance by driving the Sales Effectiveness of their organisation.